Apply Materials to layers through Grasshopper

Is there any way to apply materials to layers through grasshopper? In the past different plug-ins (human, Panda) used to be able to change the material of layers. In rhino 6 I haven’t been able to do so, because the materials are not recognized in the change layer component. (you can see the error on the attached image)
My final goal is to control the properties of my layers through Excel, right now I’m able to control other properties but materials its an issue at the moment.
Thanks, i would appreciate any input or experience any one might have doing a similar thing.

Any breakthroughs?
Neither Human, Panda or FabTools seem to have tackled this yet.

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I tried contacting all of them independently but got no response. there are a couple of other posts asking the same question but have not been able to find any response. its sucks because it is an amazing tool.
i have a python script that changes material based on name, but no luck doing it through grasshoper.

Hey SMN,

Are there any new updates? I am trying to apply a material in grasshopper and change the name of the material, but i am having no luck on my end.

Are you asking about the applying a material to a layer part or the part about changing the name of a material?

The original post is about applying a material to a layer from GH and that is working fine with Human.

I’m using human to create a custom material and apply that to an object. I’m using Pancakes export command to export the object with the material of a specific name. Although when I open the exported file the material has its colour and attributes but the name isn’t what I defined. I understand that this is off topic for this post but I would really appreciate the help.

Does the glb have material layer information if you bake the geometry into Rhino and export it manually?

It will contain attributes such as color and reflectivity but when its exported the material name doesn’t come with it.

Pancake simulates Rhino’s export. If the material name isn’t exported manually, most likely the name won’t be exported by Pancake. I don’t know if it’s an issue of the gltf exporter plugin.