Apply a handmade mesh to a different surface

I have made a mesh (let’s say different from the classic ones)

And i would like to apply it to a surface with these holes.

is there any way possible to just apply this mesh on it? (32.3 KB)

Is it also your wish to have those self-intersecting holes in the mesh? This willl complicate a bit the process.

Also because usually self-intersection is not desirable, it should be avoided during the conversion.

Prolly many ways, depends on what you are trying to achieve. Be more specific. What rules do the holes follow? Are mesh faces allowed to distort? Should the mesh retopologize to accommodate the holes? Should the mesh faces that meet holes just delete? etc etc etc.

hi, thanks for the answers.
i would like the mesh to remain like that but with the holes with no mesh .

As much as we would like to help, you gotta give us a bit more infos. The “Mesh” you mentioned is a group of polylines.
What do you mean you would like to have a “mesh with the holes with no mesh”???

I mean that the mesh should stop at the holes .i tried to make a sketch on paint , so you can understand the idea (on the sketch i considered a rectangular mesh for simplicity

I think there is a misunderstanding, translation is not good or you don’t understand the tool you have used.
Cf. Wikipedia " A polygon mesh is a collection of vertices , edges and faces that defines the shape of a polyhedral object"
In Rhinoceros the common mesh has face with 3 or 4 edges. There is now mesh with “ngon” so a bigger number of edges possible. BUT you used a component from Weavebird that soesn’t know ngons.
You have that in input

And mesh output is that (edges represented), so just triangles.

If you want better representation you must used Trimmed surface or Brep (Boundary representation)
Here an example of all faces keeping the border as you like

You could suppress also the circle is needed.
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