Applicaton of random distant to series component

Hi all

I tried to apply random value to the distance of the series component.

As you can see, the values have been multiplied to each series distance.

I couldn’t figure it out. Can anybody help?

Here are Rhino and GH files
random series.3dm (17.7 KB)
Random (7.2 KB)

Thank you.

play around with flattening and/or graft, usually if you flatten both, w coincidental lists, you can apply ind0 of list1 to ind0 of list2, etc

right click > flatten

Thank you for your comment. I flattened both, but the result is the same…

try grafting?

nvm, got it, switched your series out to mass addition and connected to the vec. (8.6 KB)

That is exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much!