Apple Magic Mouse, unwanted zoom when rotating view. Feature request: disable zoom while rotating view

Hi all,

Have been enjoying Rhino on the Mac but have one annoyance that really bothers me every time I use Rhino using a Apple Magic Mouse. When I right click to rotate the view, my finger often pivots a bit on the surface of the mouse which triggers erratic zoom in and out actions. I think it would be safe to disable zooming when you are rotating using a Magic Mouse. I don’t think anyone rotates and zooms in one fluid action, if someone does, it might better be a setting under the Magic Mouse tab in preferences.

you can disable this in Pref > Mouse > Magic mouse.


I’ve tried this setting but it disables zooming all together. I actually use the scroll gesture to zoom but it should not trigger while rotating the view. So my proposal is that when you right click on the MM touch surface to initiate a view rotation, zooming (using the same touch area) should become inactive until you release the right button.

Yes you are right.
It’s been some years since i used the MM for view manipulation/zooming…
MM is ok, but not the best for working with Rhino.
I can just recommend getting a 3Dconnexion device. and use the MM just for selecting and dragging.


If you select both of these options then you can rotate the view with one finger, Opt for zoom and Shift to pan
no need to use the right button


If you select both of these options then you can rotate the view with one finger, Opt for zoom and Shift to pan

Yes, was thinking about that, will require rewiring some muscle memory…

Yes, MM is a clever idea but hard to implement cleanly. I should probably get a proper mouse.
I was actually looking to give myself a 3Dconnexion Spacemouse but then I noticed on their website that they don’t support Rhino on Mac??

They Certainly do
and it works very well.
Windows Rhino has a plugin that give some additional option.
but it still works great on the Mac.


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Good to hear, ordered today :slight_smile:

just to say that I have no info on how their high-end multi buttons devices behave in Rhino Mac I use the simple Notebook model that has just 2 button.
But they all use the same driver so I would expect all models to work.

  • when you setup the buttons, you need to assign at least one to a Rhino command at the Rhino Pref. then the rest of the buttons you can assign from 3D ware Pref.


Thanks for the tips. I ordered the simple wireless 2 button spacemouse.