Apple Mac Studio Ultra

Hi everybody,

I am thinking of getting a new faster computer and leaning towards the Mac Studio Ultra. Has anyone tested how it works with Rhinoceros? Is Rhino using the full power of this computer? And which specifications are the best for Rhinoceros? Any suggestions are welcome

I’ve been able to run Rhino v7 happily on my M1 MacBook Air and I’ve been thinking the same way. However, it’s clear that until v8 which should be Apple Silicon native, you are not going to notice much of a boost because Rhino is running in Rosetta. If I had to do a lot of high-quality renderings now I’d be looking at getting a decent PC with the right graphics card vs. a loaded Mac. Hopefully, this will go away once Rhino is Apple Silicon native.

I have the Ultra. It’s a superb computer with some serious power under the hood, however Rhino unfortunately can’t really harness its power very well.

Rhino 7 works kind of, but performance is overall worse than on my 2016 Intel MacBook Pro. Working with curves and n.u.r.b.s. geometry is mostly fine, but with meshes it performs horribly, really.
Rendering kinda works maybe? I can’t tell whether Arctic View is simply not working and showing a white rendering, or whether it’s super quick? I was used to more grain and noise, now there is none, which is weird for ambient occlusion-like renders. Raytraced view works, and renders quicker than on my old Mac, but I don’t use it much.
I like Blender for rendering, which works super well on the Ultra.
Every other program that I use works super well too, except Rhino.

Rhino 8 WIP works better, since it has Metal integration, but it’s a beta version and things are often times broken or unfinished here and there. I dislike using “unfinished” software any ways.

Don’t expect any wonders with Rhino and Apple Silicon, especially since Rhino 8 isn’t even scheduled to ship this year.

OH NO, it’s very bad that the new fast devices from apple can’t prove themselves with rhinoceros, that’s very bad news, gentlemen from RHINO wake up, the world is spinning and goes on !!! Why rhino is always delayed???
Thank you very much for this information. I have to rethink spending the sack of money

Check out this thread, where I posted some tests of my Ultra: