Apple hates Nvidia

Apple just doesn’t allow modern Nvidia GPUs on macOS Mojave, and this is a dramatic change from only six months ago… There aren’t any functional drivers for Mojave at all. And, it’s Apple’s fault. The only two Nvidia cards that work with Mojave are the GeForce GTX 680, and the Quadro K5000 — both several years old at this point… Apple fully controls drivers for Mac OS. Unfortunately, NVIDIA currently cannot release a driver unless it is approved by Apple. source:

The last vestiges of Nvidia and Apple’s long-term relationship are ending shortly. On Monday Nvidia published the release notes for the next update of its CUDA platform and noted that “CUDA 10.2 (Toolkit and NVIDIA driver) is the last release to support macOS for developing and running CUDA applications.” That means all future versions of CUDA will lack support for Apple devices, which could leave a decent share of the pro community, as well as the hackintosh community, without support for the most popular discrete GPUs being made at the moment. source:

The beauty of the modular Mac Pro up until 2012 is that you were able to swap out the graphics cards to keep the Mac Pro up-to-date with the latest graphics rendering technology and performance, but those who opted for Nvidia cards are stuck with old macOS software, and that can be infuriating. MacOS Mojave dropped support for new Nvidia graphics drivers, except for a couple of chipsets included in still-supported Apple laptops — all of them outdated. In the past couple of years, external GPUs have been on the rise, helping Macs with otherwise low graphics performance get a boost for things like video rendering and gaming. For example, the 2018 Mac Mini has serious performance potential with a 6-core i7 processor that outperforms even the best CPU in the 2018 MacBook Pro. However, its diminutive size means it doesn’t house a dedicated graphics card, so for those who need the graphics performance, they have to resort to an eGPU. And with Nvidia drivers not seeing support in macOS Mojave, those who already own Nvidia cards are out of luck… Basically, there’s no giant technical limitation that causes macOS Mojave to be incompatible with Nvidia graphics cards. Someone at Apple simply doesn’t want to support Nvidia drivers, possibly because of relational issues from the past. source:

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Easy solution build a PC. I don’t understand why mac users put up with this crap.


PLEASE -> Not such a second WIN vs. MAC WAR!


There is a bigger picture/strategy to this. Maybe you could do some unbiased research on why Apple is doing this.



Simply going to drive the wedge further between Windows Rhino (which hates AMD because they make lousy drivers) and Mac Rhino… At some point there will be not a lot left to hold them together IMO…

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maybe he doesn’t want to build a PC, maybe current softwares or workflow or office is Mac based, maybe the Mac experience overall is far superior to PC, maybe the Mac will last many years longer than the PC, and maybe at the end of 5/6 years use of the Mac you can still trade in for some bonus £sss :+1:

I’ve worked at a Mac only company. I can tell you first hand how frustrating it is use the lesser version of Rhino. Along with having to switch to boot-camp when I needed to program the cnc s. The Mac os is not better or more intuitive. It’s just what you’re used to.

My father is a life long Mac guy. We started discussing building him a hackintosh last year. After seeing the absurd price and underwhelming specs of the Mac Pro. He used my machine for a few hours and decided it made more sense to go windows. Then deal with the headache and missed features of building a hackintosh. Everyone eventually reaches their breaking point.