AppearanceColor seems to be broken

I’m would like ApprearanceColor to return the background colour, so I’m doing this:

color = rs.AppearanceColor(0) as outlined in the help file, and which worked in V5.

No matter what I change the background colour to, I get this:

Color [Gainsboro]

Something seems broken. Is anyone else seeing this?



Hi Dan - this works:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import System

def test():
    color = System.Drawing.Color.Azure
    x = rs.AppearanceColor(0,color)

does that make sense with what you’re trying to do?


Hi Pascal,

My mistake. My background was set to a solid colour, not the application settings.The “Gainsboro” that kept getting returned was actually my application settings (220,220,220).

Is there a method to detect the background style that is currently applied?