Apparent simple tangent line task fails but why?


see attached
I need a line from where indicated to the point where indicated, its all ok until I get to the point then the line won’t form.
Curve is planar, I even projected it to its Custom Cplane before copy pasting it to this new file.

I wanted a straight line to help adjust the slight bend curve to.

Line tangent from curve.3dm (30.3 KB)


Works here… --Mitch

What with this and the other wierd things going on with moves, something is wrong.

I’ll do a video when I get 5 mins.

as soon as I get anywhere near that point the cursor gets a mind of its own. you should see it.

In fact I’ll do a video, not geting anything else done !

I now go back to the file I uploaded, to do the video, try again before launching jing at it did it fine !

what the heck is happening. I have had this before, struggled for ages on one move, then with someone and show them and it did it fine.

real nasty gremlins trying to mess me around !

Sussed it, something in the background was attracting the cursor within a mm of the line end, used OneShotOnCrv and selected curve then it worked, though the snap was very weak indeed, not like it is without the OneShotOnCrv in use.

Cant use tab in that situation, it doesnt function with line tangent from curve.

If I had done the process of select start then end then tab, selecting the point would have seen the cursor grabbing something else as it did, so I cant win. or is there a solution ?