API/SDK - (in)significant version info

It sometimes (often) happens that I want to know whether a RhinoCommon or Grasshopper command is supoorted in earlier versions than the lastest stable release. The SDK/API documentation has version info, but how clever is it to essentially state that something that obviously exist, actually exist. Example:


Huh? you may think, what’s your point? My point is that if this page exist, it probably also exist in the latest SDK and that the “version info” isn’t actually adding any useful info in such cases.

If however the version info would tell us when the functionality was introduced (and if stripped out, at which version it was so) then, and only then the “version info” would add any useful info.

I’d really like to see version info (introduction version + deprecated version) being added, and the current nonsens info replaced. As it is I don’t see what use there is for the current info.

// Rolf