API - Parameter Changed Event

I’m hoping to leverage Visual Arq parameters in a visualization extension that I’m building. The general premise is to be able to create a color scheme based upon the value of a parameter. The initial set up was straight forward to create, setting and reading parameters and changing an object’s display color accordingly was straight forward. Where I’m getting stuck is determining a good solution for keeping object colors up-to-date as parameter values change.

My original thought was to subscribe to the OnModifyObjectAttributes RhinoCommon event. But modifying parameters doesn’t cause that to fire. By leveraging the RhinoCommon even watcher sample I was able to see that the only even that gets fired when a parameter is changed is the undo/redo event. Subscribing to that event is a really undesirable option. Is there another option for monitoring the status of VisualArq parameters?


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By the way, do you plan to publish something like this: RhinoScriptSyntax? regarding VA, of course?
Cheers, Jaro

Hi @cullen.sarles,

Currently there is no event for a parameter change. I’ll add a vote to this feature so you will be notified when we implement it.



Hi @jerry.bakowski,

Yes, that’s something we plan to implement soon. Moreover, the reason our API is called “VisualARQ Script” is because it is implemented in “RhinoScript” compatible way, using only functions.



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Thanks for the update. I’ll keep exploring the options. Can you give me any idea on the release timeline for this feature? Just trying to gauge how much work I should put building a local work-around in the mean time.