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This might actually be a meta question, but what is the difference, generally speaking AND within the Rhino world? I’ve noticed that on the developer docs this menu point says API:

And then when one enters e.g. RhinoCommon, it says SDK:


And the C++ API docs:


Are called SDK, when one enters those:


Was just in a meeting and found myself using both terms, so was just wondering how you use/define them :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’m sure @margaret would want you to remove the ambiguity… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahaha, touché!

Good catch; there should be a nitpicky badge in discourse we could award you😀 In all of the above cases, I would think API would be the appropriate term to use. SDK is commonly used to mean the same thing, but it is really supposed to refered to the actual download of tools that you would use to interact with an API.

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Hehe, I’d be honored :face_with_monocle:

Many thanks for the clarification, that seems to line up well with what Google suggest (although people seem to be all over the map here!).

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Old discussion, but I still haven’t found the answer…

Additionally, there are some problem: SDK documentation for the Rhino.Display.Text3d Class doesn’t have the VerticalAlignment and HorizontalAligment included in the API, and they don´t seem to work the same way.

For exemple, setting the Rhino.Display.Text3d.VerticalAligment = 3 (mid, in the API documentation) returns an error… but setting the Rhino.Display.Text3d.Italic = True works (SDK documentation)

Any clues anyone?

Got it!

*in python

txt_3D = Rhino.Display.Text3d(“name”, plane , size)
txt_3D.VerticalAlignment = txt_3D.VerticalAlignment.Middle
txt_3D.HorizontalAlignment = txt_3D.HorizontalAlignment.Center

different way to assign values… not sure why though