API geometric

Hi what is de latest version to use?
Plus were can we find >>

bearerAuth (http, Bearer)

clientAuth (apiKey)

for authorization


Please check out this section of our documentation: Developers
Let me know if you have any questions.

@user3124 are you using the SDK we provide? If so, please see section Usage - Ticket only.

Hi Alexander,

In the page you send the link there is:

Usage - Ticket and JWT

It is possible to configure your ShapeDiver models such that JWT tokens are required to communicate with them, which provides a strong authorisation mechanism. In this case you will need to use the ShapeDiver Platform API to obtain a JWT token for your model on demand.

3 questions:

  1. de link in the document links to ShapeDiver Platform Backend API . looks like this is V1 (so the old one) The other link we have is ShapeDiver Geometry Backend API v2 this one links to v2. But we are told to use V3. So what is the correct link?

  2. when we are in the swagger environment. we need to have authorisation info:

JwtAuth (http, Bearer) value
CredentialsAuth (http, Basic) (username + password)

How do we obtain the JwtAuth (http, Bearer) value?
where do we get CredentialsAuth / which credentials should we use for CredentialsAuth ?

  1. how long is a SessionID ( for the download of a file / object session nr) valid? 30 min 3 months / 1 year? If this is e.g. 6 month it is easier for development to let the user download the files.

When the questions are not 100% clear please let me know.

kind regards

Many thanks for your detailed request, I will answer in several parts.

Disambiguation regarding APIs

Geometry Backend API

The Geometry Backend is where your Grasshopper models are hosted, computations are run, and results of computations are cached.
The latest version of the Geometry Backend API is v2. The Geometry Backend API SDK v2 corresponds to this version of the Geometry Backend API. This is the API / SDK to use in case you want to run computations or exports.

Platform Backend API

The Platform Backend is where users of the ShapeDiver Platform and their models are managed. While the documentation of the Platform Backend API is already available, we have not publicly released the API yet because we are finalizing some details, but the release will definitely happen in Q1 2022. At this time we will also make the Platform Backend SDK publicly available. The version of the Platform Backend API and SDK that will be released is v1.

Note that there is no need for you to use the Platform Backend API in order to access your models and run computations, more on that below.

Viewer API

The latest available version of our Viewer is v3. The Viewer offers an API on its own, which is not a REST API but simply a well defined API which is used to control the viewer when embedding it into web applications.
Our Viewer is a client application of the Geometry Backend, it talks to the Geometry Backend system using the Geometry Backend API explained above.

Authentication for the Geometry Backend API

As explained here it is possible to authenticate using “Ticket only” or “Ticket and JWT”. However the second case is practically not yet available to our users as long as the Platform Backend API has not been released (because only the Platform Backend API can you provide you with JWTs for your models). Therefore please refrain to use “Ticket only” authentication for now. Switching to “Ticket and JWT” will easily be possible once we have released the Platform Backend API.

Lifetime of sessions when using the Geometry Backend API

Geometry Backend sessions have a lifetime of at most 2 hours, and in addition they are closed after a maximum inactivity timeout of 1 hour. This means that download links will become invalid after the lifetime of the session, i.e. they are not meant to be stored in your application.

Please let me know whether you have any questions left.

@user3124 we have update our help section regarding these topics: Developers