API generated URLs too long

We would like to use URLs from SD Download Export component to another session in GeoImport Component, but generated link are 400+ chars long and import GeoImport component seams to be limited to 256 chars, and it’s not enabled to read the file… We also test use a shorten URL service without success.
Any workaround ?

How did you come to the conclusion that there is a 256 characters limit for the file import component? From my testing, it seems that there is indeed an issue using the export urls as inputs for the import components, but the problem seems to be elsewhere. I will keep investigating and let you know.

My teammate read this error once but cannot reproduce it for now, sorry. Waiting for your advice (or fix)!

We’ve try to host ShapeDiver generated file to gDrive to get shorten URLs:
with this format: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=XxXxX
but same error on GH with ShapeDiver’s Import Geometry Component:
'1. Exception when reading file: DXF file version not supported : Unknown.'
As we know, only working with files hosted in basic ftp/public http web share~
Did you found a solution ?

We have found the issue, which is a result of the plugin not paying attention to the content encoding header of the file. We have filed a bug and will fix it in the next plugin release. I will let you know once this is done.


Hello Mathieu
Do you know when this correction should be released ?


We have already fixed the issue in our development environment and are currently finalizing some other tasks for the next release. It should happen in the next couple of weeks.

This fix is deployed and can be tested already. Let me know if it fixes your issue!

For me it’s working, thanks !!

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