API error handling and preventing blank viewer

I am trying to include error-handling and error-messaging to a Grasshoper model, that is included via the Shapediver API. Whenever the user does input some invalid data (strings, files, so on) that can’t be processed through the gh-model, a predefined error message will be output to the users Front-End.
There is a good chance for me to catch all basic errors and tell the user that something went wrong - and ideally the user doesn’t get to see a blank viewport.

however it is almost impossible to pre-check all cases, especially when it comes to uploading dxf-files.
I am curious if there is a “global way” to find errors after each parameter change or get alerted when the viewer won’t render nothing at all for some reasons?

My initial thought was to look through the response of the api.parameters.updateAsync or to bind an eventListener to api.parameters.EVENTTYPE.UPDATE but without success so far.

Thanks for your help/hint in advance.