Anyone using EOS Photomodeler to create 3D for Rhino?

Are there any Rhino users using EOS Photomodeler Standard or Premium to create 3D models from photos for Rhino ?

Especially the latest totally revamped new interface etc 2019 ?


I’m not using it, but found some info here:

It has a total makeover and new interface but still the old tutorials that now dont relate at all.
…and no one to ask, EOS limit the amount of questions one can ask.

Taken me ages and not even 20% of way to getting this object into Rhino when I would be done by now.
They dont have a forum, so whatever problems users get you dont know about, there could be thousands pulling their hair out but as all comms are directly to EOS google doesnt locate anyone commenting !
I am wondering how folk are getting on with the latest 2019.1.2 as I have had crashes when doing simple things, it never crashed on me before with the old versions. Ability to migrate through photos that are open is now a nightmare, major impact on workspeed. Its just declared project needs reviewing, I was adding in a photo, so undo that, still bad, start to unreference points with high residuals, and it has me doing one after another after another, points that were placed perfectly ok and accurate, points it was perfectly happy with giving residauls less than 1 which is great placement, suddenly are declared 70 or 80 out of alignment, then with such a weak set of points its left me with it then declares project unstable, not enough points referenced. So much for following its suggestions. Absolute shambles. Cant revert to older version as new one nuked it.
I have used it for years, it can be a little quirky declaring many points bad reference, just by adding in one new point, like defusing a bomb, then undo that addition and still they are all now bad ref, thats its big problem, it doesnt revert to healthy.
Is there a more stable photogrammetry plot points and draw curves and lines etc type prog out there folk are using ?

Good luck