Anyone using a 3Dconnexion CadMouse? Does the MMB click?

On some advice I read here I bought a Razer gaming mouse and pretty much hated it. It’s so light and has so little pad contact that simply clicking the LMB causes the cursor to move off target, making snaps undependable.

Just got a 3Dconnexion CadMouse through Dell. I like the weight, like the feel but I get a solid click with the LMB, RMB, wheel and side buttons but no click/ feedback at all on the MMB. The MMB travel is so short that I can’t tell if I’m pressing it or not.

If anyone else has one of these, does it behave the same way? It has some light scratches and scuffs on the base so I’m wondering if it isn’t a a repackaged return.

Just following up. 3Dconnexion says MMB is supposed to respond like any other button. Processing RMA. Will send replacement… umm, when they become available again.