Anyone used Dotfuscator on RHP files successfully?

I’ve got the community version of Dotfuscator. I’m trying to obfuscate a file I created with Rhinocommon but I’m getting errors (attached). Unfortunately, they don’t provide support for the community edition. I’m wondering if there is anyone here with any experience obfuscating RHP files that might be able to help me.

Sam (3.9 KB)

i don’t know dotfuscator but i use something similar.I had a similar problem and i solved it. i think your problem is that dotfuscator does’nt find rhinocommon.dll.
In your attachment it is written. i think that you have to set it manually in dotfuscator. In dotfuscator properties or something like that and “search directories” probably. hope this help

I see what you mean, but I’m having trouble finding this option in Dotfuscator… Anyone else done this with Dotfuscator?

Gianfranco74, which obfuscator do you use for RHP files?


I use crypto obfuscator in combination with the Crypto license system.