Anyone use TurboCad with Rhino ? can you see points?

Having had to buy TurboCAD because Rhino can’t bend a virtual metal sheet or twist it without user needing to work out the twist edges and then sweep rail etc, and such can take hours, turbicoad seconds.
I open a rhino file into TurboCAD and cant see points, they are 1 pixel in size.

Answer from the supplier I bought it from, select the points then do something (cant remember) in the menu,

but if you cant see them you cant select them.

I asked of this and didnt get a reply.

I just wish Rhino would consider users that might just wish to bend metal. It seems wrong that such a prog makes one have to buy another for functions that CAD users take for granted.


You mean what YOU take for granted. Rhino cannot be all things to all people…


Steve, have you tried using the Twist command?

Can you provide an example of what you mean by “bend”?

Not able right now to lay my hands on the true life examples, but they were something like those attached.
Instructions in the file.
The originals were pre shaped in days before CAD knowing they could attain the fold.

One is called a Z stiffener. the one at right.
What becomes a nightmare is working out the sweep rails to represent how e.g. the radiused corner ends up looking.

I remember one case of the one at left requiring the new edge after 90deg to be level with the metal, I have been kind and indicated an edge 1mm out !

The world does use bent metal, if your project requires such, it means acquiring another prog. I dont understand why other CAD progs bend metal and Rhino treats it as some alien function done by a small minority, or just me. We then have to acquire a second prog.

Rhino cannot be all things to all people.

Why is it that Rhino cannot do bends like e.g Solidowrks or TurboCad. If I knew why it cant manage it I could understand and accept the fate of having to try and use a second CAD prog. Rhino does everything I need except metal bending. I have others I recommend Rhino to but warn them of this absence of function, they are somewhat surprised and end up going elsewhere.

Metal bending examples.3dm (140.3 KB)

Has anyone overcome the Rhino into TurboCad issue ?