Anyone think is possible to replicate this grasshopper program from an article?

Hello again,
Like my question before I’m a total newbie in this Grasshopper program and I found an article that is very intersting and I think could help people making splints cheaper that normal.

The article is this: Rapid customization system for 3D-printed splint using programmable modeling technique – a practical approach

I already tried to copy the program but I have no way because I have not the knowledge, there’re expressions inside some blocks I really don’t know… so I can’t do it.

Anyone think it’s possible? I already sent emails to authors (because it has a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License) but I have no response at the moment.

testing.3dm (339.4 KB) (28.7 KB)

This is what we have at the moment, but for me is impossible to get the final result…

Thanks in advance

Hi John,

It looks like there is at least one custom coded module in use, so that would almost certainly be a stumbling block. But the authors explicitly state in the article that they will share the software with “Clinicians, medical engineers, and designers” so, if you fall into those categories I would persevere with contacting the authors.

That said, it looks like an interesting use of Grasshopper and would be educational to study in detail. There is probably scope for exploration of some different design decisions in an attempt to mitigate the significant issue: the print time is significantly longer than the time taken in present-day splinting techniques.


Hi Jeremy,

thank you, I’ll keep trying to contact them…