Anyone know of c# source sample for something like the TweenCurve component?

I am very familiar with .net but just getting started with grasshopper … and looking to do a component that is somewhat like tween

wow … pufferfish sure has a ton of stuff ! anychance that is open source? not finding anything on github or searching … so doubtful

Rhinocommon doc is online or in chm version there is also tween curve example

If so create a robust check for the directions (not that easy), open/close mismatch and some visual stuff for the control/greville points and the likes.

BTW: If your goal is to “interpolate” contour curves for terrains … well … that’s way more challenging and is NOT solvable via the tween Method.

Say … something like this:

Screen Shot 027

Crv_interpolation_B34e.pdf (984.8 KB)

Preservingcartographic.pdf (434.1 KB)

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Thanks for the info … the topo-line scenario does look hairy.

I am trying to get a tween that

  • acts like a normal tween (2 curves + a factor + a resample option)
  • adds the ability to offset the new tween curve off (normal to) the lofted surface of the original 2 curves
  • added bonus for the offset distance being controlled by a graph input (so variable offset)

In the pic below, the tween is offset by a scale-nu … and then curve-1/tween+offset/curve-2 are lofted into a surface. I am wanting that offset to be 1) normal to the curve1/2 surface and 2) variable offset (so bow can have less).

There is probably an existing component way to do this, but was also thinking a custom component would be nice.

So you are after planing hulls strail (spray) rail, chines and lifting strakes. BTW: What about hull steps (and air induction notches) ? (a must these days).

Post some case (is rather easy to do a C# dealing with all these).

Other than that the near the bow sections are not OK at all … and the transom is flat (i.e. deadrise ~= 0).

Given the opportunity have some fun with the attached (my personal toy designed and build long time ago by yours truly) . Read this (3D PDF) via a standalone Reader app.

171_hull-hull-011.pdf (4.6 MB)

Use Cross Sections AND Model Tree as well

Sorry the code is not on github and it is actually quite a complex component (lots of condition checking). There is some tween methods in rhinocommon but they are by count not by factor.

Very very nice model, even has interior ! also I had no idea you could embed a 3d model in a PDF.
Did you model the engines/drives as well, or are they somehow available from the manuf?

I am actually trying to make a grasshopper script that will help me play around with hull shapes similar to this boat. The earlier screenshot did not have the “bulge slider” for the chine/keel tween set very high so it looks way more V that I am shooting for. (actually just noticed I posted an image with a totally whacked bulge in the front sections … basically why I am trying to get a variable scale/offset of the tween). The real boat has a softish chine in the mid-sections … then also that flat no deadrise aft swim step.

I am thinking that with 3 curves (sheer/chine/keel) and 2 controllable tweens … I could have a neat model to play around with.

Here is the original boat …

more pics here

Here is my model (for the hull the sheer/chine/keel are the only input) … also I am playing around with a plumb bow here as I got tired are playing around with tweening !

Well … back then using Mercury engines was out of question (arhaic stupid tractor engines that supposedly could serve in a fast powerboat - but since that historic Audi deal … well … Mercury Racing is a proper marine I/O engines brand by now). Enter MTU (I had a V16 Model and so I modelled the V8’s). Drives are modelled in house as well (Catia + Siemens NX + Microstation [tests for Bentley Systems and export to 3D PDF as posted]).

Obviously doing stuff like this in Rhino is 1000% out of question.

I don’t have a GH C# that does powerboats since I work in 99% of cases with Generative Components. But I did some time ago an entry level/primitive race sailboat hull layout (Wally type of stuff and the likes) C# in GH just for fun.

Based on that I guess that the powerboat equivalent could require “about” a week of work (~ 60 to 120 hours) and a certain C# experience. If you are novice in C# avoid at any cost.

hmmm … you up for sharing your source? I am a “backend” .net guy, so all servers/databases/services/business-logic stuff … not a lot of nurbs in your average digital banking solution

There’s no source (the likes of GitHub etc). All these are tailor made C#'s for usage within the practice that I own (using Methods from a rather big repository done over the years). Meaning that in 99.99% of cases are strictly internal - but if you are willing to try I could help: so attempt to set-up a C# (see R SDK first for what is exposed) that does something similar and if things become tough, post here the portion of the code/Method that has issues.

Ahh … does not sound like self contained snippets.

So far the tweening C# source examples I have found … just call the tween method in the rhino libs … which is not that useful if you are trying to do a custom tween. It’s like how to you build a car? just call the BuildCar method !

Anyhoo, I found some other hacky ways to get closer to what I am looking for … so will move on for now. Don’t need to bike-shed this and get stuck.

Have in mind that lifting strakes ARE NOT “based” (so to speak) on tween curves anymore. See recent Cigarette Racing/MTI/Outerlimits/etc mono/cat designs: the advance of FD and // computing allows the exploitation of any imaginable solution in no time (if you are Cigarette - or AMG - and have zillions to spend, that is).