Anyone experiences a slow significant slowdown of rhino using png files as textures?

Hi ,

I surfaced a little car and added textures to my materials. When I am switching to rendered mode in my viewport to see my textures ,RHino is hanging. I cannot rotate and my graphics card is spinning like crazy. And yet for many years on many other projects I was able to texture with Jpegs and render business jets interior and exteriors no problems.
In my materials options I checked the Decal option to prevent from having my logo from repeating but I wonder if the combination of that option checked with a png file doesn t slow down and stalls RHino.
I have the most recent update of Rhino BTW ( november 2014 ) as well as dirvres for my laptop graphics card . I know it s just a gamers card ( a 330M ) but still. I m going to test this file on my work computer which uses a Quadro 4000 card. However like I said my laptop was always able to manipulate objects with textures for many years whithout a hitch. I did however use environment maps ( pretty high def 6000px ), some glossy materials and basic image mapping.
But even if i take my environment maps off it seems to be doing nothing to it.
Anyone noticing the same with png files ?



This is a small chance, but make sure your PNG is RGB – not CMYK. I’ve seen people accidentally change their files in PhotoShop. Since both PNG and JPGs are expected to be RGB, my result was a crash during render.

Hi Alex - is he png file on the local hard drive or on a network?


PNG compression is different than JPG compression, and you may be getting a performance hit when the image is loading. I suggest you test this again using an NON compressed version of your PNG to determine if the compression is a factor in your problem.

Hi Pascal,

It s located on my hard drive. I tested at work on my Quadro 4000 super duper computer , It works just fine. Some little lags at times but very small.
So clearly it s a graphics card issue or at least it s a big part of my problem. What I ll try next is cut down my png resolution for my environment maps down to 2500 px.

I ll check if my PNG isn t CMYK because I did save it from Adobe Illustrator and I had the same problems when I d export a jpeg from Illustrator as a CMYK and RHino wouldn t work with it. SO i ll make the conversion in Photoshop just to make sure. I ll get back on this later in the day and give you an update.



Will do,



That s a very good point. I ll try that

Much appreciated

Hi all,

So it seems that my environment maps were too high for my card I lowered the res to 1500 px and resaved my png fles as RGBs in Photoshop and it works fine now. But I wonder if PNGs from Illustrator should be first saved in Photoshop.

Thanks for your help,