Anyone Else's Armadillo Broken?

@dale - I’ve seen this a few times, I guess, though by no means a lot, (at least to my knowledge)… but is there something that could help detect this situation - RunScript fails because RhinoScript is not loaded?


Hi @pascal,

Well, the RunScript is built into the RhinoScript plug-in. Thus if the plug-in is failing to load for some reason, RunScript will fail, of course. The RhinoScirpt plug-in loads “on demand”. So running the RunScript command should load the plug-in, unless there is something else going on.

If anyone has a way of repeating this, I’m more than happy to dig into this.


– Dale

Hi Dale, the way to repeat this would be to take any compiled RhinoScript plugin and run its command while your RhinoScript.rhp is not present / uninstalled.
The plugin command should just autocomplete and run but with no effect or error message.
I don’t know how to repeat “corrupted” version of RhinoScript.rhp but it probably equals to it being not present/unable to load at all. The question is if there is a way to show some info/error message so the user trying to run the plugin know what’s missing in their system.



I don’t have one. Can you provide something?

– Dale

Sure, as an example here is the one from this Topic’s subject:
Armadillo.rhi (594.6 KB)

(command name is… _Armadillo :slight_smile: )

not that it’s needed for your testing, but here is more info on the plugin

Hi @Jarek,

The download you provided only installs with WIP. Does this seem right?

I’ve launched the WIP a few times and your command seem to work. Are there specific steps I need to follow to repeat what has been reported?


– Dale

Hi @Dale,

maybe it was not the best example. It was compiled against V6 SR27RC so v6 installer will not run RHI (but extracted rhp installs fine).
But that’s not the point.
To test the original issue, disable or delete the RhinoScript plugin (in WIP it should work too). With that, once you run the Armadillo command, you will see just nothing happening. No error or message what is missing.
This has been a problem for many users with Rhino6 and WIP installed when RhinoScript plugin gets corrupted. They install RhinoScript-based plugins and commands just don’t work…

EDIT: question is if some error message could pop up telling them to fix RhinoScript plugin

Hi @Jarek,

Can I assume that your plug-in just runs the RunScript command, which isn’t available if RhinoScript is not loaded/

I know zero about the script compiler. How can I make a “hello” plug-in with a single “hello” command that just prints “hello” to the command line - just like you’ve done with Armadillo?


– Dale

Dale, there’s two issues.

–First issue is there’s no output:

Disable RhinoScript -> Run a script -> No feedback


It took me a couple of days to figure out that RhinoScript was disabled. Please add:

Disable RhinoScript -> Run a script -> [ErrorMsg]

–Second issue is how RhinoScript is getting silently disabled.

I used VBScripts on a daily basis in V6 and have no idea how it spontaneously became disabled.

Hi @dale,

In this zip there is a sample Hello World rvb, compiler project (rhc) and rhp (compiled plugin).
You can open the rhc file with Script Compiler (you will probably need to update the rvb file path) and make rhp. This time I used WIP compiler so it should work on any Rhino 6 or Rhino WIP (that’s what I am told at least) (6.9 KB)

But just as @EricM suggested - it’s probably a matter of RunScript command checking if script engine plugin is loaded/available, and if not, showing some sort of error message. I don’t know how/why RhinoScript plugin gets corrupted and if this is still happening or it happened in the past but users did not notice until they needed to run some scripts/plugins.

Thanks @Jarek, I’ll have a go at it.

The RunScript command is in the RhinoScript plug-in. Thus, if RhinoScript isn’t loaded, there is no RunScript command…

– Dale

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It happens with any VBScript, it doesn’t have to be a compiled.

I get that RunScript isn’t available, but the command line interpreter should let you know that. It’s providing autocomplete for a command name, can’t execute it, and returning no output.

It does.

Try this:

1.) Launch Rhino
2.) Click Tools > Options > Plug-ins
3.) Locate RhinoScript and disable it (uncheck)
4.) Close Rhino
5.) Re-launch Rhino
6.) Run the RunScript command. You’ll see this.


What I don’t know how to reproduce is what you and @Jarek are seeing.

– Dale

With RhinoScript plugin disabled, when you run Armadillo or HelloWorld from the recent sample, the commands go through (no Unknown Command message), then just nothing happens.
Can you reproduce that?