Anyone else having trouble with VariableFilletSrf?

When I run VariableFilletSrf or VariableChaferSrf and add a handle, it’s crosshairs don’t appear to adjust its size. Yet, they do appear in BlendSrf and BlendCrv. Is anyone else seeing this?

I’m running the latest version of Rhino on a brand new computer with:
Intel Core i7-4790K Processor (4.0 ghz) and 16 gb ram. Nvidia Quadro K3100M 4gb video card.

Thank you.

Seems to be working here…

What exactly happens at your end?

Hey Wim.


With the Add Handle option, I am able to add as many handles as I want, but there’s no way to adjust their size. The little “handle” that’s supposed to appear on the end of the handle, at the center of the radius, does not offer up.

It appears with blendcrv and blendsrv but not with variableblendsrf and variablechamfersrf.

Thank you.

For the benefit of anyone else, Pascal asked what my Snap radius was set at on my Tools/ Options/ Modeling aids tab. It was set at 0. I bumped it up to 10 and it works.

Thank you.

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