Anyone can help me identify a component

Hi everyone,

I’m a total newbie on Grasshopper and I’m trying to replicate a program that I read on an article but is Chinese and there’s a component that I can’t identify.

Is the one with chinese character, I now it’s a Cross Section related, but I tried to use the ones on Millipedes and Karamba and they’re not the same.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much

Interpolate (IntCrv)

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It looks like its just the Interpolate IntCrv component like the one below it, it just happens to have Chinese characters on it.


各橫斷面 = each cross-section

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Oh my god, you’re right… thank you very much…

I’m trying to replicate the program but I think it’s going to be imposible because there’s some data inside some blocks that I’ll never now…