Anyone can answer my question please

Hello everyone,
I have attached this case and my question is how can I let Galapagos control the height of the base and the top of these columns based on a fitness, but each column has different height? I can make two sliders for each columns, but in case I have hundreds of column that will be hard. Is there another way?
I want them to be like the second picture.

All the best

Why do you need galapagos for this? What should they fit to, explain your fitness values. It looks to me more like you need some random start height and total height isn’t it?

because these column will cast shadow to a building and will affect the daylight and solar radiation, so I need Galapagos to find the best height for each of them based on that

that’s still a bit vague, will every column be optimized on its own or do they need to be optimized in synch? Did you manage to optimize one column already? For better help, attach a file to your post as explained here

sorry if I could not explain it well. I mean these column will be like a fence in front of a building that has glass façade behind them, so they will cast shadow to the building, so in some part of the building no need for high column in front of them and other part there should be high column to block sun light.
I hope that make sense.