Anybody knows how to edit a saved fillet?

I’m trying to edit a saved fillet, but it does not seem to be an easy way, any clues?

Hi Mathias - I don’t recall SolidEdit being a command in plain Rhino… in any case, editing fillets in Rhino is not an easy thing - fillets are dumb surfaces and do not know about their tangency and radius…


Filleting, like boolean operations, is generally a point of no return once you save and give up your undo stack. I normally make a copy of my objects before these operations and save it for future revisions if necessary.

For existing fillets, you might be able to extract the original surfaces, DupBorder, untrim, retrim with the useful parts of the border, and re-fillet as desired. The practicality of this depends on the complexity of the object and amount of filleting, sometimes it is faster just to use the object as a template and rebuild from scratch.

V6 is making progress on editable fillets, but even then the history is fragile, I would still save unfilleted geometry.

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Only with Plugin
Info here:
Read section “Power Fillet”

I’ve had some success with Onshape. It’s free for casual users, so it might be worth giving it a try. It’s nice because there is no software to download and install. It’s 100% cloud based and works in any browser (Chrome, Firefox etc.)

I’ve also had some success with SpaceClaim, but only on simple objects.


Thank you!

Thank you! ye, it was for Autodesk

I didn’t know they were still selling this plug-in.
I tried the demo a couple of years ago, but for some reason or another (I don’t remember the exact reason) I lost interest.
Do you have any experience with the NPower plug-In regarding reliability, filleting/blending success compared to native Rhino, surface quality ecc?

Cheers, Norbert


Sorry, not tested, but NPOWER offer’s a Demo.
I think quality is same as in Rhino and also same problems with filleting. (Guaranteed no comparison to Acis- or Parasolid- Filleting- 3D kernel.
Advantage is, Fillet parameters are written in 3dm file by plugin and can be edited after reopen.