Anybody from Dental field

Dear All users,

Just wanted to know, if any user is from Dental / or Dentist using Rhino 3D for any of their applications.

I have only seen it used for research purposes in dental senarios. As people explore new techniques. There are a number of standard dental systems for specific commercial situations outside of Rhino.

I’m using it for CAD/CAM works. It works pretty good, but you need to take some courses first, because it’s quite difficult to work with curves and layers, but you’ll get used to it. I was so fortunate to have learned all its features with the help of my colleagues from This dental center is very well equipped, and I’m so grateful that I was given the possibility to work with the best team and with the latest technologies. Although, I’m in charge with dental emergencies, I use Rhino3D to design provisionals and to create immobilization trays. You should give it a try.