Any way to put control points on surface?

Have a planer surface and wanted to put some points on it to create a raised hard crease. Maybe that isnt the aproach. Wanted a starting point though. Can’t provide picture of desired effect, but wanted to make a wave look in flat surface by manipulating points. Already seems like the wrong way to look at it. Thanks for direction —Mark

You can rebuild the surface with the number of points in U and V direction that you want and to the degree you need.

Ok, but what if the wave or cease wants to be 30 degrees off line of direction of existing control points? And would I have to make surface so dense in order to acheive this crease (wave) look?

You could rotate the plane 30º first, scale it up beyond the original size and after inserting the wave cut it back to the original bounds. Without knowing what this is supposed to look like or fit into, it’s all academic :wink:

This would be much easier if you made a two rail sweep and created the exact profile you want.

  • Keep the two ‘side’ rails perfectly straight and flat.
  • Make several profiles along the way, which exactly capture the wave/crease.
  • You can even make the first and last profiles straight & flat, so it returns to a flat plane at the boundary.

I find it much easier to tweak curves and then build a surface in a step or two. This is especially true if you have to go back and change the design.

If you did this ‘the other way’ with a surface and control points, it would then be impossible to replicate the dozens of different nudges made to get back to a prior iteration. Don’t try. Use curves.

That makes sense Dave. I will try and see what to do. I did over look that the surface I want is not planer , but an .125" crown both ways. T-splines comes to mind here. Thank you, Mark
I have to back up. I’m working on one durface planer . The one were tsljing about is planer.(sorry)the thing is , the waves are sharp but fkatten out abd extend into the surface some Ways to make up a good part of surface. Thanks

photo of what I was trying to accomplish, but not the greatest

Quick n dirty, but something like this:

Ridges.3dm (350.5 KB)

I think the one I did was quite crude in comparision. Thanks for sharing a way to get there.