Any way to export splines to 3dsmax? ...and I don't mean arcs!

The only way I managed to export spline to max was using illustrator format but…only 2d of course.
Is there any way to export 3d lines (not converted to arcs and keeping the spline controls points) also?
Again, I don’t mean interpolated spline here!!!

In case (it’s still not possible) what would be the best way to implement this?

What you think would be the best intermediary (open) format?


it seams that 3dsmax supports iges in the latest version

so i would recommend to try .iges / .step

also google finds a lot of info “curves rhino to 3dsmax”

I can only export surfaces and then can’t get splines out in max.
Did you manage to do it?
And I didn’t mean “curves” I mean “splines” which a way more strict subset.
Also avoid “google finds a lot…” paternalisms

All “curves” in Rhino are NURBS which are a type of “spline”. Or do are you using a more specific definition of “spline”?

There are polylines composed of lines and arcs.
Maybe I should have said “bezier splines”.

McNeel?? Have anything to had here?
An “absolutely not possible” might be the correct answer and if it is you already know it so… If you please be so kind

Hello- I have no real idea, but I would try Iges or DWG.


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Please do because I really don’t know if this is a non-problem because everybody knows how to do it but me…
Otherwise I would like to have a definitive answer cause my memory is terrible and the next time I need to export splines I don’t want to spend this much time figuring out if it’s even possible :wink:

PS: ohh…I though you were going to try it yourself… Well, I’m pretty sure you know the answer and it would be merely decent to post it unequivocally here don’t you?
You make people lose time searching for things you know are not possible.
Unfortunately private or employee owner companies are pretty similar to the state owned stereotypical ones. :angry:

That is an expression meaning if “I was trying to do this I would …”, not “I will try it”.

ConvertToBeziers converts curves to single span curves which are exactly equivalent to Bezier curves. Polylines become single span lines and arcs become single span arcs which are exactly a rational single span degrees curves which are exactly equivalent to a rational degree 2 Bezier curves.

Hello- if that is directed at my comment, you could not be more mistaken.



just wanted to help with a fast reply, not fine-tuning the articulation of the text - as a non-native speaker. have a nice evening, and i hope you managed to solve your import / export problem

kind regards -tom

Sorry Pascal but I deal with frustration by throwing conspiracy theories around and at least mcneel has front office face…you :wink:
So…I guess the export from rhino is good but 3dsmax doesn’t import splines from their own format.
Autodesk is a monster with thousand faces and no brain so I’m not ranting there :stuck_out_tongue:
Nevertheless I think this monopolistic status quo makes little things that should be easily solvable take forever.
I don’t know exactly the mechanism why but if your boss could very kindly ask the autodesk boss to solve it.
Don’t take my rants personally I’m just pointing my finger around to get some reaction.
Guess I believe shaming might work :stuck_out_tongue:
Sorry Pascal. I know you have to respond for the company and your job is atr least not to ruin marketing.
I’ve your the boss?!? I’ll find out where you live!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, personally I don’t think you’re going to get many helpful responses from people here posting with an attitude… and I also think you have no idea what Pascal and most of the people at McNeel actually do…


I can be quite eloquent in my criticisms but I prefer to keep it a simple rant.
I know no one is going to help because there’s no way!
Next I’ll might rant about another thing nobody’s going to help me with…
Being able to define a simple uvw tiling in surfaces and then join then in a solid witout losing it.
It’s been like this for decades, lot’s of people complaining and…I just don’t see why such a simple and usefull thing never got implemented…
Well… I tend to be the jerk that points the finger. Guess the story of the naked king affected me.
It doesn’t mean I’m right either but I risk criticizing nevertheless…

Post above deleted.

I get that the criticism is to the big companies that allow tools to be completely broken don’t you?
Also I know the formats allow splines the problem is that they don’t import.
At first I though you deleted it because it really didn’t help and confused people in thinking it did but I guess you’re just fighting a criticizing jerks one at the time… good for you :roll_eyes:

You seem to know better.

@ruisantosfortes - export your curves from Rhino as AutoCAD DWG files. Make sure the scheme you choses export Rhino curves as AutoCAD splines.


– Dale

Thanks Dale but I tried all that.
I would love to have missed something but I could only get an “interpolated” polyline in max.
Guess I’m ranting at the wrong place cause it’s an Autodesk issue… and that’s exactly what I’ll do.
And thanks again for not being so sensitive to my “tone” :wink: