Any way to create a tape over objects?

Anyway to create a tape over object? Like this image (the white tape)

if you know how to make the cable then you can create a srf around it (sweep 1 with twisted sections) and add an “applydisplacement” to give it the bumpy look.

I’d say the fuzzy or hairy look of the cord in the middle would be more challenging and tedious.:grinning:

vray fur and it’s a one second setup :wink:

Kangaroo might also help here: Mesh relaxation with Kangaroo2.. lil help?

Hi, thanks for the reply! I am not sure how to create a srf around the twisted section could u please explain it to me?

Search these forums for threads with “rope” in the title.

Commands to use include Helix with the “aroundcurve” option and Pipe.

I don’t think Kangaroo is needed here. I’d do this with a Sweep2 command - using 2 of the helices of the wires as the rail curves and a cross-section you draw:


Hi thanks for the advice. How do you draw the cross-section curves for the sweep?

Further, is there a way to “project” the cross section curves from a solid so that I can draw the curves needed for sweeping at any height of the twisted rope?

Hello - If I understand, you’d need to have the ‘tape’ currve in place at the beginning or end of the sweep rails, you can’t put them only in the middle and sweep the whole thing… not sure if that is what you mean.


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Hi Pascal, I am just unsure of how to even get the cross section and rail curves in the first place to do the sweep. Do I just draw an estimation on the top plane for the cross section and use gumball to bring it down to the desired height?

Not as a single sweep but possible as two sweeps, one in each direction from the cross-section. Select the rails near one end for the first sweep, and other end for the second sweep. But my preference would be to put the cross-section at one end and do a single sweep.

Hello - if you have the ‘wires’ in place, you can do something like make a CPlane > 3Points snapping to three of the centers of the wires or the ends of the wire path curves. Then you can make your four-lobed shape in that plane.

TapeMaybe.3dm (210.1 KB)