Any way to close Rhino Instance without Closing Unity Editor?

I’ve been using Rhino.Inside for opening Rhino & Grasshopper Inside Unity. When I enter the playmode in Unity, a new rhino instance is created using new RhinoCore().

But when I exit the playmode, it looks like the rhino instance still runs and stops only when I close the unity editor completely.

Things I tried

  • RhinoApp.RunScript("_Exit", false); - This closes the rhino window, but the instance still runs.
  • While entering playmode in Unity
    RhinoCore rc = new RhinoCore(...options)
    Then while exiting playmode
    rc.Dispose() - Again closes the GH and Rhino windows but instance still runs.

I couldn’t find it running in task manager (I understand that Rhino is added as add-in & that’s why It’s not there in taskmanger) but is there any way to close the rhino core instance without closing the unity editor.