Any way of selecting a solid and revealing its prior stages after many boolean unions?


I have a fastener made up of various solids, which I have boolean unioned for 3D printing but only two objects at a time so as to provide myself access to any of them at a stage prior to being made into something less useable.

Making duplicate layers as I go etc so as to do so.

Just wondered, can one select a solid and reveal its shape earlier on in this boolean union process some other way ?



Nope. --Mitch


Darn it, thats a shame, would be really useful.

Am I right in thinking SpaceClaim or maybe Engineer (?) (Autocad) has a tree that grows as each command is carried out and selecting a prior branch reveals the earlier form ?


(David Cockey) #4

Not exactly what you are looking for but UndoSelected undoes changes on a selected object. Save before using because occasionally the undo will cause the object to vanish.