Any suggestions for laptop with colour calibrated screen and whisper quiet?

Suggestions for laptops with 17inch screen that can be screen calibrated with Spyder4 etc.

Dont want a move my body and screen colours change, the sort of screen that a photographer would accept if using photoshop for editing, as I also do. Black to remain black, not go grey as you move.

My Toshiba G20 had a 17 ", Toshiba TruBrite® WXGA TFT display and it was lovely.

Quiet running under normal use, no noisy fans, you dont know its on, also when under load, still very pleasing and not very audible. CRUCIAL. Builds are often spoilt with cheap fans, the whole usage experience is spoilt for the sake of a few pounds or $$. QuietPC UK sell quiet components for towers etc but there is nothing for laptops.

Able to run Rhino.

separate graphics card. Nvidia not any other.

keypad with slight click on keys, you know when you have made contact type of key !

fundamental stuff but laptop designers dont necessarily do fundamental.


The only laptops I’ve used over recent years have always been Macbook Pros. I bootcamp Windows on them to run Rhino for Windows. The screens are excellent and I think would satisfy your color needs. Can’t say if Nvidia cards are an option though anymore… I haven’t looked. As for being quiet in terms of laptop use, I find them generally silent unless pegging the CPU with something like Neon which I would expect to hear. Any heavy GPU based calculations like rendering with Cycles or Octane would also be audible.