Any suggestions for a good bug tracker?

As we are ramping up our GH development team, we are looking for a good tool for bug tracking, assigning tasks, reporting, etc…

We have used Mantis for some time but I find it unwieldy and graphically hideous.
As we have shifted to mainly cloud tools, it would make sense for us to use a cloud-based app for this too, preferably in the Google eco-system.

Any suggestions ?

I use YouTrack. It’s free for 1-10 members.

This is what McNeel uses, right ?


Thanks ! Checking it out.

I’m going to keep an eye on our bugtracker. When Olivier adopts YT, I’m sure our numbers will quadruple in just a week…

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YT is great and works for us, but GitHub and GitLab issue tracking have come a long way.

Hi Luis ! Nice to hear from you !

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We use Clickup to not only track bugs but also to manage projects, sprints and more

Hi Willem,
We have Smartsheets for project management, but Clickup looks more all-encompassing.
Looks like we missed an opportunity here…

There are many options available nowadays.
We switched from Asana about a year ago so you have that as an option as well