Any solution for 3DMBK File icon

Hi all,
Is it possible for Rhino or Windows to make a separate Icon associated with just the 3DMBK backup file?
I’ve got file extention on but still don’t know which is the original file sometimes…
If it’s not possible to change the icons, any quick way other than hover over or look at properties to check?

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Hi Toshiaki - here 3dmbak files icons are gray - this may come from the V6/WIP installation - do you have V6 on your machine?



Not yet turned to V6 yet, I guess I should!
Was it possible for V5 and V6 running at same time?

Yes, sure.


Great. Thank you for the support, will start using it!

Hi @pascal,

I just installed the V6. One question.
I installed the Japanese version, but I’d also like to have option to change to English UI.
In the properties menu it seems this is not possible at the moment.

Do I need to install the English version to use the English UI?
Wondering if there is like a language pack for the UI.
(also will both be able to be installed or either or, in the case I need to install the English version?)

Hi Toshiaki - you should be able to change the language in Options > Appearance. Do you see that?


Hi @Pascal,
Yes, I think I’m looking at the same setting you are refering to but only see Japanese (日本語)in the selection… In V5 I think I installed file called:

V6 Screenshot Attached:

Hi Toshiaki,

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Run the installer. You will see one of these dialog boxes:

Rhino WIP Installer - Modify - 1

Rhino WIP Installer - 1

  1. Click “変更” (Modify) or the gear icon, depending on which dialog shows up.

  2. You will see this dialog. Click “言語を選択…” (Select Languages…):

Rhino WIP Installer - 2

  1. Select “英語” (English) in addition to “日本語” (Japanese), close the dialog, and complete the installation process:
    Rhino WIP Installer - 3

  2. Now go to Options > Appearance and select “英語(米国)” (English (US)).

I hope this helps!

In the future if your first language is Japanese and you prefer local support here is a website that has information on tech support in Japan:

  • Luna


@Luna Thanks for the big help!

Would it be possible to make the rhino user to choose a destination folder for the back-up files (in rhino options) so that these do not clog up in the main folder with 3dm files. Very similar to the auto save option. This will be more convenient, the cad file folder will look more neat and organized.

No, that isn’t possible.
The backups are actually the 3dm file you opened to start the modeling session, and it is renamed to 3dmbak when you save your changes and leave Rhino.