Any Rhino plugins outputting deep EXR?

I’m looking for any plugin that will output deep data for compositing in Nuke.

So far I know of Octane, and have heard someone mention Thea here. Anything else? Anyone who can confirm Thea?

God have mercy if I have to render in an Autodesk software for this functionality…


What specific compositing techniques are you looking to use that could not be done by just ensuring all possible render passes get written to the same EXR (or even just separate EXRs, so rerendering of just one pass could be done)?

FWIW, the Raytracedviewport mode of Rhino 6 could render many different render passes, but currently does only Combined, Depth and Normal (see source). I’d like to make it so that Raytraced can write multichannel EXR, but that is still in the future.


Yes, Thea for Rhino saves all rendered channels in a EXR file.

Source: I’m the developer of the plugin.

Edit: I read your topic too fast and my reply is wrong. Rendered channels can indeed be saved in a multi channel EXR image, however deep exr isn’t supported. My apologies for the confusion.



And, as of today, V-Ray is able to save multi-channel exr images.