Any Python Node Courses?


I was wondering if mcneel has any upcoming seminars or conferences where they maybe giving intensive rhino inside course- in particular I am interested in an intensive course on creating custom python nodes/or if you have done a previous one I can get access to.

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Additionally, are there any good resources where the API examples are written in python, as th API docs are only in C#?

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@ssw1 Nothing planned at the moment but I have an online webcast with Dana De Filippi going through very basics on python for Revit. I’m not sure what is your level of familiarity with python but this might help. The Revit API is also in C# so that’s what you see on the documentation. If you know the python basics, you pretty much use the exact same methods and types in python as well.


Hi Ehsan,

I just had a look at this link below and I am pretty confident with python.

My main issue is just understanding the process of creating that link between python and the revit api- how to know what parts of the api to use - how to concert the syntax to python etc. how to find in the api what I want to do.

I have found some of your py revit tutorials- I know I would be using them in the python editor in grasshopper but would the theory still apply?

I would love to be involved in a day or a few day course if you guys are ever going to do one. We are staying to use rhino inside a lot here at 3xn in Copenhagen and it’s working really well- I’m keen to start using it for the filters etc which I know you haven’t yet added to the docs but would be keen to start writing scripts for.