Any plugin or Grasshopper script like Sketchup plugin "Profile Builder"?

Sketchup is my main software. But as I get better at Rhino, I wonder about certain features that would make Rhino more viable for my work. One is the SU plugin “Profile Builder.” I suspect someone may have already addressed these needs with a plugin and/or Grasshopper script, but I have not found such.

After a brief introduction to Grasshopper, I made a rudimentary script to select a profile and extrude it. I expect a master could produce what is necessary, or someone like the author of Rhino Section Tools could write a plugin. For those who may not know what I’m talking about?

Here is an example of PB2. (PB3 adds some good tools but is a little buggy. Fix expected in a week. )

If I understand what you mean by “profile”

Thanks. Will give it a try. From the info it does seem to be more complex and offers more than I need. But at the price, how could I go wrong.