Any plans to offer Xirus Grasshopper components?

This would add tremendous additional value to you product.

Thanks for the comment.

We do have plans to offer a Xirus-GH integration. First, however, we focus on the release of Xirus itself (completion of kernel, UI, UX).


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That’s great to hear that GH integration is on your roadmap.

Best wishes for a successful launch for your exciting product!

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Any plans in the future for Meta 2 AR kit use within Xirus?? I almost leaped out of my chair when I saw a picture of someone using a VR/AR headset in the latest rhino plugin news email!

Right now, several of our industrial collaborators are testing AR/VR equipment with Rhino but it seems currently it is more useful for demo purposes than for the modeling task itself. Obviously, we are monitoring these developments. Who knows what the future brings…


You have made tremendous progress on Xirus.

Any idea when Grasshopper components might be released?

I can’t wait to try out your product in the Grasshopper environment. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback.

It will still take a while until we include GH components: we do have plans but it probably won’t be within the next 10 months as we currently focus development on the XirusCAD kernel itself.


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Sorry to ask you about this yet again but it will help me decide if I’m ready to purchase.

Any updates on when you might have any Grasshopper components?

I need to be able to generate Xirus geometry entirely from within Grasshopper for it to be useful for me.

Any further information on your GH plans would be very much appreciated.

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