Any plans to fix RAYTRACED mode or is it now where its gonna stay?


Outdated drivers and CUDA-Processors and onboard video clock NOT the problem.

Q: What’s YOUR performance now that you’ve PURCHASED a video UPGRADE for a FREE plugin ? Seeing faster than 1 - 5 MINUTES with a solve of the BAD noise right up to the END of the render making an early-stop option UNUSABLE, as in NEON ?

How much did that VIDEO CARD PURCHASE cost you for the “free” plugin ?

All the best, sincerely looking for an honest reply -



TEST-BED Promo is a LEGITIMATE STANCE and one I COMPLETELY SUPPORT. THIS however was a marketing decision based on a lack of willingness to deal with the original developer on HIS TERMS. This is NOT a “claim” I’m making, but is a WELL supported position based on earlier correspondence with RHINO on this topic.

NEON was a FANTASTIC product, one I would have been happy to pay for once it was fully and properly developed for some kind of “full Release”. A stripped-down version could STILL be offered as a FREE PLUGIN with the option to purchase the FULL RELEASE Version at a a price-point COMPETITIVELY below the going rate for even modestly-priced full renderers ( Nvidea offers one native to their Video card for around $350 !!! ) THIS would have been a MASSIVE BOON to BOTH RHINO and NEON’s independent developer. Marketing or some OTHER motivation got in the way.

NOW we’re seeing that without mentioning a price point it MAY soon be offered for sale. The ORIGINAL (final at -5 version) could be offered, even stripped-down, as a plugin for -6. Even so, tho, DON’T make the MISTAKE of charging for the FULL version offered “final at -5” unless a 3-tiered pricing structure is offered - Stripped-down Free-plugin / = Full at -5 for -6 / + IMPROVED/UPDATED as Commercial at -6. In order to gain market acceptance, Competitive below $350 would deflate complaints, would meet the need for an effective replacement for Raytraced RTR (that isn’t) and mollify any foreseeable complaints about charging for a once-free plugin.

Offering a free plugin as a development stage (-5) is something I think we could all support, as it seems to have worked well for the upcoming release of RH-6, and the portal to commercial for NEON I suggest might be a bridge connecting all competing interests. ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING WRONG with starting free until fully developed. We should ALL support the added value PAYING a reasonable price for an EXCELLENT product to encourage and support GENUINE development and improvement.

Sincerely - ALL my VERY BEST wishes to ALL McNeel AND the NEON developers !


Toshiaki_Takano -

ANY of these cards are an EXCELLENT card for RHINO !

SO- the “FREE” plugin requires an EXPENSIVE card upgrade to run EQUAL to FREE PUGIN (NEON) + CLASSIC CUDA-Cores Nvidea ALREADY owned ?

Cost for the “FREE” plugin = the cost for a required upgrade video card where its PREDECESSOR requires NO like upgrade and runs at FIVE to TEN-TIMES the speed and through-put with a result FAR SUPERIOR to that of its “Improved” ( RAYTRACED ) replacement ?

All my best to you and yours.

Thanks -



Toshiaki_Takano -

If you have RH-5, NEON is available at NO CHARGE from the McNeel site. Its a plugin, and IF your video card is AT LEAST reasonably recent, and IF the drivers have been updated, you will get GOOD results VERY quickly. I set a stop-point at 30 seconds as further processing results are only marginally better at end of render. I see < 30 SECONDS per frame, so I stop my run at 30 seconds. Interestingly, NEON FULLY supports ALL forms of -5 NATIVE materials (including Transparency AND Incidence of Refraction) with NO FURTHER MODIFICATION REQUIRED.

All the best to you GOING FORWARD !



Should have mentioned if going to use the raytraced, amount of CUDA cores directly impacts to render times.

I’m currently using V6 BETA and learning Raytraced since that seems the way it’s headed. If Neon was to be supported I would look into it as well.
Main reason I started using V6 WIP/BETA is for 4K support. Couldn’t get it working with V5 on my PC.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #26

Just a quick clarification to clear up the confusion:

  • Neon won’t be available.
  • Raytraced (Cycles) isn’t free as in free beer. It is part of Rhino 6. You’ll pay for Rhino 6. Thus you pay for Raytraced.


“Main reason I started using V6 WIP/BETA is for 4K support. Couldn’t get it working with V5 on my PC.”

Yeah, that may be an issue, but 1. Not the topic of THIS particular conversation and 2. IF you’ve found any practical use for 4k support other than animations you want to run using maximum standard Hi-Def, I’d like to learn what that may be. Standard STATIC Product RENDERS already take good advantage of ultra-high resolutions available via even MID-Range cards (my preference Nvidea but ATI has excellent options as well … ) .

IF your interest IS Animations, BONGO-2 does not yet support RH-6 (altho I expect it to by the time RH-6 is released as a commercial product), so you’d be forced to an outside Animator anyway (C4D an EXCELLENT choice as MUCH faster than the competing AutoDesk product), AGAIN obviating the value of 4k.

Add to THAT the MASSIVE timing hit, and no matter HOW MANY “CUDA Cores” you hve, you’re forced once AGAIN into the same cycle of chasing PROMISES of functionality being told by developers that the problem ONCE AGAIN bounces back to YOUR video card - " … maybe we’ll have a functional version of our SOFTWARE for you in a year or two. But go ahead and pay a THOUSAND DOLLARS for the video card, because we EXPECT it to be able to run our version by THEN … " . Of course THEN they’ve thrust you right BACK once AGAIN into the chase cycle because it doesn’t QUITE run as promised so " … you have to upgrade AGAIN … " .

No, NEON is ALREADY THERE. At ~30secs PER FRAME , no matter HOW many “CUDA CORES” you have, no “Raytraced” is going to catch THAT, as they are TRAPPED in a cycle of better and better “QUALITY” features in order to seal the next set of newer and grater “features” with the (consistently) recurring conundrum of the Feature/Power chase. Even MORE SO, Standard RENDERED Viewport ESPECIALLY with Shadows AND Ambient occlusion turned ON (increasing the per-frame time from ZERO point ZERO (0.0) secs per frame to around 4 secs / frame (!!!) gives a MASTERFUL RESULT that makes DIRECT USE of BASIC RHINO Material settings (INCLUDING attached materials) a COMPELLING option.

IF however, you’re intending to use RHINO + BONGO for Commercial Animations REQUIRING that level of quality, you MIGHT want to rethink RH/BO as your solution set anyway. While BOTH are CAPABLE, there are other options that aren’t still fighting their way through the woods …

Toshiaki_Takano - I hope your journey ends well ! I’ve found RHINO a COMPELLING SOLUTION to my Design needs, and MY application is NEW Commercial/Industrial Product Development and these issues ESPECIALLY Time/vs./Quality makes this a CRITICAL Issue for me. WITH Rhino’s MASTERFUL support staff, I have been able to provide my Clients EXCELLENT absolutely COMPELLING results and I’m CONFIDENT you too will find the solution that works for YOUR situation a STRONG advantage to you in YOUR professional application !

ALL the BEST to you and yours from Texas ! -



Your text is unreadable as a result of the liberal use of capslock. Try your next message without all those caps and I guarantee you will bring more people to your cause and get better results.


i can remember you wrote that recently. it seems this moment has come?

if you didnt read the text and a cynical comment is all you had to add, then i am not sure if you should not start trying a few of those caps locks yourself.


Say what? I tried to read the text but I’m not motivated by all the yelling.

This is forum is a civil place, it’s a rare thing on the internet. If you and the cfee want to turn it into the rest of the web you can continue to try but I think you’ll find it a less effective route to get support.

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I agree. I find those posts completely unreadable so I skip them. Maybe it’s just my dyslexia, but I just can’t process them.



usually i refer to some sort of decency by all humour, still some remarks are not necessary. if somebody comes to you trying to communicate with a strange accent, will you react the same? i have seen him writing like this before, its not a bid deal. read through it, its informational and humorous i liked it.


EVERYTHING is BIG ASS YA’LL in TEXAS, right @cfee ?

But seriously, think as a designer and think simply about readability. You want to entice the reader with your style, as best as possible. Don’t want to be ‘all hat and no cattle’, yup!

The caps thing just hurts my brain too, and because I’m lazy, I skip your posts as well.

Just a suggestion. I’m interested in what you have to say.


i seriously wonder how people got that far down the thread without reading it. maybe we should rename it Any plans to fix my CAPSLOCK mode or is it now where its gonna stay? if complaining about it is such fun :wink:

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The subject of this topic unfortunately has shifted.:disappointed:
Please back to the main issue: anyone else with experiences and/or thoughts (either positive or negative) on “Raytraced” mode?

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #37

One of the other threads ( Rendering Workflow / Quality ) may also be of interest.


Entice the reader with style. Hhmmm… OR I could rely on my “style” to filter out the less capable, not willing to read, think, interpret and respond SUBSTANTIVELY. Style, maybe not so much. SUBSTANCE yeah - THAT’s the ticket. ANY substance to add ? ANY ? YES? NO ? All the BEST - C.


Don’t HAVE to be “MOTIVATED”. Just knowledgeable, capable and willing to help. The CAPS were to emphasize salient points. Sorry you missed that, but thanks for trying. Checked back to see if there was any forward progress. Nope.Downloaded the NEW Release. Gonna give it a try, will report back when able - Thanks - C.



Sorry, couldn’t find answer fast enough though going through the thread…
1)Is neon for v6 coming/out?
2)Is it free to use?