Any plans to fix RAYTRACED mode or is it now where its gonna stay?


Blame the shinny colors and the price.

It’s like asking youngsters to grow, pick and EAT their vegetables, all while there is a jar of jelly beans on the table.

What would you expect them to go for…


Meh… test it out for your self and convince me if you can :wink:
Here 5 red balls with varying reflection and Fresnell ON:
0% 25% 50% 75% and 100%
For some reason 50 and 75 has more reflection than 100.

Edit: But good thing: on latest build if I turn off fresnell on all five materials in this file then the reflection amound works fine:

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #125

What is the Rhino version used in the first image, and what in the second image? Anyway, the second is what I see here as well - but then again, I am working with the latest dev build I cranked out myself :wink:


Ok, I see that I wasn’t so clear on that.
Both images are latest build.
(6.3.18090.471, 31.03.2018)

First image has all “Fresnell” materials and the second image is with out fresnell.
Values for reflection is 0,25,50,75 and 100 in both images.


That’s the price NOW. When I bought it it was more than $250, I’m TRYING to think I’m remembering I went for the “ti” adding more than a hundred to THAT price, but that’s only recollection. No, BACK THEN it was EXACTLY as I’ve presented. Maybe a shift from PROVING I’m wrong and you’re right, we could shift the conversation to STILL with a card at $1000 we’re still getting NOISE at the END of a render that took the best part of an HOUR on someone’s card here that claims to be the hi-end version YOU’d mentioned ? That’d be nice.

With ALL of that said, I STILL get the results I mentioned before on a $150 CARD (!) :slight_smile:

  • STD RTR Mode: ZERO POINT ZERO seconds per animation frame
  • 30 seconds per animation frame in NEON mode.
  • unuseable time to an unusable result “Raytraced” :slight_smile:
    NOISE in an “IMPROVED” image that “LOOKS FINE” -

In this context, dealing with Card-shaming is actually pretty entertaining ! Thanks !



150 passes, 12 seconds:


With only 150passes it looks pretty good!
Any special settings?


Cycles (Raytraced): Yes,
Default settings in default scene.




Excellent !!! May be FIXED ! What’s the spec’s on the card ? Is this kind of performance available to the basic or intermediate user or is it limited to high-end cards ? THIS looks WONDERFUL !


GTX 1070, all default settings.


$499 (FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS) Card. Reasonable price on a new build. ALMOST within reach for a “free” solution ! Anybody see this on a GTX-1050ti ? Prob’ly similar results ?

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #135

I have enjoyable results on the GTX 1060.

Note that the GTX 1050 Ti has 768 compute cores compared to the 1920 compute cores on the GTX 1070, and 1280 compute cores on the GTX 1060. The GTX 1050 will probably render the same scene with the same amount of samples a bit roughly over twice the time of the GTX 1070.


Just noticed, when in raytraced viewport clicking on the Mesh Tools tabs does the raytraced sampling from start…

It would be nice if you actually started to edit some mesh that it restarts the sampling.

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #137

I cannot reproduce this. Having an active viewport with Raytraced with either sampling still in progress or already finished doesn’t see a restart of sampling when clicking on the Mesh Tools tab or any of the tools on the tab - really only when a command is actually run.


Hmm… video cap attached.
and simple file.
Also tried again just with a sphere, and same. sampling restarts…

Using V6 SR5

testingpasses.3dm (527.9 KB)

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #139

In your video it looks like the size of the viewport changes due to the toolbar docked to the left. You can see that it increases width a pixel or two to the right. That constitutes a change in size of viewport, thus triggering a restart.

Your tabs for the mesh tools sidebak look a bit wider than on mine, seemingly because of bigger pad. The tabs for your top toolbar also look like the have bigger padding. I don’t know why that happens, but it isn’t something Raytraced can control. I’m guessing you’re running with a scaled windows UI?


I see. 4K screen thing again perhaps?..
Well I don’t do mesh so just noticed. not a big issue…for me…
And I suppose you don’t use mesh in raytraced viewport.

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Not much mesh editing directly in Rhino for me no - the tools are too different from Blender and compared to Blender rather limited still to feel really comfortable using them. But with the good work of @Jussi_Aaltonen in v7 this will be so much better (:


I’ll check if the V7 wip has same issue later. If I don’t forget.