Any penetration / filtering command

Attached a simplified drawing showing long columns and a line.
I want to cut the columns into shorter segments (one floor height) by wirecut. Can I select the object without window crossing the columns?
The columns has been assigned as a layer named “S-COLS”.
The original model includes thousands of membersCUT SHORT SEGMENT.3dm (8.8 MB) and it is difficult to select the column one by one or window crossing method.

Hi @youngken

If I understand correctly, you can just use sellayer and then select your “S-COLS” layer to select all the columns. Then call the wirecut command and subsequently your cutting curve (in the correct viewport) to cut them all at once. Be warned, that cutting thousands of objects at once can take some time! You might be better of selecting your columns using sellayer, add your cutting curve to the selection (by holding shift and left clicking) and then invert lock, so that you can cut the columns in small groups - rather than cutting them all at once.

HTH, Jakob

Dozens out of thousands of object need to be cut. Dozens of objects was “S-COLS” layer but thousands were not.
I only need to cut the “selected dozens”

SelLayer should do it. You can also select and right-click on the layer in the Layer panel and choose ‘Select objects’.


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