Any news on SubD?

No reactions on my last post from July, only one post since then on the SubD forum…
Is SubD for Rhino dead? :weary:

No, it’s in development. There may be progress from time to time, depending on priorities. I expect that bringing out V6 for Mac will take priority over major V7 development for awhile.

Ok, thanks for the reply. Will UDT work on SubD again?

Spacemorphing the vertices of a Sub-D control net is trivial, as individual coordinates are simply deformed through the UDT transformation. So this is just a matter of making it work in the UI.

However (as with Nurbs based geometry too) to keep the surface in between the vertices also in compliance with the deformation, or at least within some tolerance, additional control-points will have to be inserted. I am not familiar enough with the maths underlying the limit-surface equations to say whether there exist analytically accurate* or reasonable iterative approaches** for this.

Of course you can always convert your sub-D to a brep first and deform it afterwards, but you’re probably not thrilled by that limitation.

* I really doubt this.
** Probably, but they may have to be developed from scratch.

Thank you for your explanation David.

Watching this thread.
We also need this function implemented. Actually waiting this before buying a new Rhino Version.

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