Any ideas on how to make this?

Hi All,

Trying to make this, any ideas of how this could be done in Grasshopper?

The product is a mattress, that is made by extruding a thin bead of molten plastic into water causing the bead to freeze not long after its has laid onto other bits of bead, the end result is a soft spongy very porous rectangle. I would be keen to make this in varying thicknesses so would probably have a bounding box as the constraints for is boundary.




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Does something like this work for you?

Here is my approach: (20.3 KB) (9.3 KB)

“sqcp-a” uses Kangaroo for a stricter inclusion in a container.
“sqcp-b” is a lot simpler, but beware that both of them take quite a bit during the meshing phase (that’s why I’ve disabled those components).


Thanks Sub, This looks superb!

I just tried to import your ‘SQCP-’ file into GH but I am missing ‘Mesh Pipe’ plugin, I assume I can just substitute this for the Ngon’s version (which I have installed):


Actually, all I need as an output are the splines, because I’ll just export these to 3D Max where I can render them in software. So I guess I could just generate with the splines?

sorry about that… unfortunately I don’t remember what plug-in has that MeshPipe component.
I’m not familiar with the NGon version, but as you say I guess the spline export to 3dsmax is the easiest way.

You could probably also use Multipipe instead of mesh pipe

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It could be from MeshEdit, but Martin is right. It’s probably better to use Multipipe, unless you want to deal with lots and lots of mesh Booleans later.

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Martin, Diff and Sub,

Thanks so much for the help, replaced the mesh pipe for multi-pipe and ended up with some lovely SubD shapes!

Looks great.

Just a quick q, and i’ve read on some other threads, but I was trying to remove the ‘placeholder’ for the ‘mesh pipe’ function, but couldn’t seem to do it. In the end I had to rebuild the above in a new scene, which was great for my learning anyway, but was wondering if removing redundant placeholders has come on any further?



Couldn’t resist putting a silver environment map on… lol

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I usually select everything else and copy it to a new file.

Hi Marc -

There is a plug-in somewhere that lets you do that. I don’t believe David has any plans for doing that natively in Grasshopper 1.