Any ideas on how to do this

Can anyone direct me to any tutorials on how to this kind of interchangable layared curved structure?

  • by Arturo Tedeschi

no tutorials come to mind, but this can be achieved with arc, offsets, divide curve, lofts, contour, extrude, pipe, etc. it’s quite a simple structure. try it out and we’ll guide you whenever possible. (7.8 KB)

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far from perfect, but should get you on your way
layered (21.9 KB)

Far from “quite a simple structure” :bangbang: :wink:

i have a bad habit of calling stuff that are uncomplicated conceptually (but complex geometrically) simple :cry:

Or perhaps creating a more elaborate model than necessary? It’s good to see different ideas about how to do things, there are so many ways. Cheers. (15.9 KB)

This version uses four arbitrary “base curves” (cyan group, all different) instead of constructing an arc. Besides the usual data tree issues, the yellow group replicates offset values and uses Match Tree to get offset curves on both sides of the four centerline base curves. Tricky! :thinking: (41.3 KB)

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Thanks a lot, very simple approach. I was more wondering how to do the interchangeable levels. Where the one below ignores the continuous boundary of the other. You can see on the top left of the sculpture. Thanks a lot, I guess I was not very clear before.

Thanks a lot, It looks very much like the one, I am just wondering about the layers in-between.

I don’t know what you mean?

These models are examples, you still have to understand and adapt them to your needs / vision.

P.S. I just realized you didn’t post any GH file yourself… :roll_eyes:

7. This is not a do-my-work-for-me group

you need a way to create another object that booleans a copy of the main geometry. on that second trimmed object, you apply the contour function from a point that is moved vertically half the contour distance

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