Any idea about how this is modelled?


This is a known form made by Bathsheba the american digital artist. it’s a lamp
I am not sure if it was made in Rhino or SubD or
a mix

It is a pair of dodeca hedrons the one inside the other. If anyone knows a recipe to model it I would be gratefull


Hmm… maybe:

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I had a go and think I got pretty close:

Still needs a bit of tweaking on the width and angle of the arms though.
I’ll share the definition later.


Maybe, if you’re lucky, @Bathsheba will share how it was originally created? :grinning: I seem to recall that model pre-dating Sub-d (at least in Rhino), but I might be wrong :grimacing:

Definitely from long before Subd (and Grasshopper).
Her page here says 2005

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Yes, my folder for it is dated 2004. I modeled the topology in Rhino, conditioned the mesh in Surface Evolver, and did the texture by writing command-line utilities in (are you ready?) Perl. If memory serves, putting the rims on was the fiddliest part.

It’s not difficult to imitate, especially now. My favorite take is at . Those little animations explain the topology really well, and don’t miss the vertical image at left of a similar design on a hyperbolic ribbon – I liked that so much, I borrowed it back. :wink:


Paul Nylander animations are good start. Here is my grasshopper animation of base shape.

It can be also done in wings3d or topmod.