Any Galapagos Listener alternative?

Dear experts,

I want to record some results (including both text and numbers) from all optimization iterations performed by e.g. Galapagos or Brute Force optimization components.

Unfortunately, whereas for the numeric inputs provided to Galapagos Listener (from TT Toolbox plugin) everything works as expected, the text inputs are automatically converted into numbers…

Is there any alternative to the Galapagos Listener (from TT Toolbox) that works for both text and numeric inputs?

Any ideas to store all data from optimizations in a data tree?


Sorry to bother you again, I´ve found the solution in some C# code.

It works, but in order to obtain the same behavior as Galapagos Listener, i.e. that every iteration is stored into a new tree branch (not a new list element of every branch), you have to use Flip Matrix component: (17.4 KB)