Any experience bending guitar wire?

see attached
spring clip I need to make, can this be bent as such with pliers and maybe drill shafts placed into a wooden jig where the internal radii/diameters are indicated ?

spring clip 0.5mm dia guitar wire.3dm (225.1 KB)

the tip sits in a hole, designed to push into the hole then be pulled back so as to hook in and stay put.
Maybe otherwise I do two separate halves and epoxy resin them into the hole, avoiding the somewhat tight bends to be made there !


I believe I could make that, just not on the first try. I believe I’d begin with the sharp bend at the middle, leaving the ends a bit longer than trimmed.

How would I bend the 360 degree at the one end ?
radius is so tight maybe the natural bend of the guitar wire would give that if bent back on itself, safety goggles needed !
Trying to do that in pliers or anything ?


@Steve1 use Jewellers pliers… as in a few different types; double round, flat, pointed half round…maybe some parallel to hold.

As @ChrisK wrote you start with the sharp bend and the rest should be pretty straight forward depending on how accurate you need it to be by hand.

This is .4mm guitar string and I bent this to eye looking at your CAD file so not accurate.

yes , managed it, made a bending template with drill bits to bend around for accuracy.
Not easy but with great care its done.
having managed the 360deg bend, and placing another bit of the same wire in the U bend to avoid breakage or weakpoint, as happened with the first one, the rest was easy-ish, I could do with round nosed pliers with less taper, as trying to bend two wires at once to keep a ‘pairing’ sees one radius differ from the other.