Any effective way to extract the outer mesh of this object?

Hello again, I would like to extract the outer surrounding of this mesh and remove the inside mesh, I am thinking about drawing a curve along the edge to do mesh split, but it takes lots of time. Any better ways? thank you.
Extract mesh problem.3dm (11.2 MB)

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Hello, I don’t understand how this work. I draw lines on mesh=> rebuild the curve=>trun the curves to pipes=> pipes to mesh=> mesh split the target with pipe meshes.


sorry, missed your post.

extractConnectedMeshFaces is a rhino command that lets you extract groups of mesh faces that connect by a specific normal vector angle threshold.

I think you could separate your mesh into more useable parts by using this tool

…don t forget to only work on one side and mirror the result…

… do the work

will also be a great help.

but what s your next step with the data ?

This cannot be mirrored, the figure have a fixed posture.
I am ordered to re-surfacing on this 3D. which was created from Zbrush Freeform, the final goal is to change it to stp file which is readable in Creo for steel molds.
The part of this figure have “thickness” and unnecessary inner surfaces which I need to remove first to perform quad remesh=> to subd =>to nurbs

with well choosen parameters you might be lucky with
but be careful, you might crash rhino or even your system if you try very small edge length values for those operations. (save everything and carefully approach the limits…)

I crashed my Rhino twice … managed shrinkwrap with 0.02, but did not manage quadremesh with your data.

kind regards -tom

It is too complicated. Maybe dividing it to several pieces and process them individually will complete the work, but its just complicated.