Any different of rhino 7 @ win 10 & win 8.1

As per topic, because i state in win 7, and want to use rhino 7, but win 10 is more bug and usually upgrade problem, so I want to use win 8.1. Thank you very much!

Rhino 7 runs fine in Windows 8.1 here. Be advised though, Rhino 8 will not run in Windows 8.1.

rhino 8 not @ win 8.1, oh no…

Well, end of support for Windows 8.1 is scheduled for January 2023, or about 2 years from now.

That means it is likely that end of support will be reached before Rhino 8 is released. So I imagine the reasoning is why start out supporting a system they know will be rendered obsolete before the next software version is released. I understand that fully.

I am also still on 8.1 here on my main machine and I am not fond of Win 10 either. But the handwriting is on the wall…

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I see, thank you very much! :kissing_heart: :rofl: